+ Do you spend the whole day outside?

Ideally we would spend the entire day outside. However, in this climate weather changes from sun to rain to snow, sometimes all in the same day. To accomodate for changing weather, Whistler Outdoor Learning offers a wonderful indoor classroom to warm up and dry off. Saying that, we DO spend a large portion of every day outdoors regardless of weather, so come prepared with the right gear!

+ Is there a restroom the children can use?

Absolutley. Our indoor classroom offers a restroom. When we are outdoors, learning how to have a proper nature bathroom break is a skill that, when mastered, will continue to serve well into each child's adult life. Whistler Outdoor Learning will teach them this skill.

+ What do you do if the weather is bad?

Weather in Whistler is unpredictable but wonderful. Even when it is cold, rainy or snowy (or all three), there is so much to learn from our seasons and weather patterns. It is the goal of Whistler Outdoor Learning to turn 'bad weather' into a wonderful play opportunity, whether it be jumping in puddles, squishing mud through our toes, or sledding down the snowy hills in the winter. However, we do have a wonderful and cozy classroom space when it is too cold or wet to enjoy the outdoors for the entire day.

It is very important to dress your child in appropriate outdoor gear. Providing them with waterproof or warm gear will allow them to enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time. There is no bad weather if we have the right gear!

+ What does my child need to bring?

There are some things that you can send with your child to help set them up for success each day. As we spend as much time outside as we can, it is important they have a backpack that is comfortable and can carry all of their gear (food, water, a few books, etc.). During any full day program we will have morning snack as well as lunch, so please send enough food for the day, as well as a water bottle. If they are attending afternoon forest playgroup please send an afternoon snack for them. As you know, the weather can be unpredictable so please send appropriate outdoor wear that will keep your child dry and warm. It is also a good idea to keep a spare change of clothes in their bag.

+ Is the Little Adventurer's Club licensed?

Whistler Outdoor Learning IS NOT A LICENSED PROGRAM. It is a recreational outdoor program that focuses on growing children's connection with nature through outdoor forest play.

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